Using Twitter's New Web Interface

Using Twitter's New Web Interface

New Twitter Web Interface: Composing a new tweet plus emojis

A week ago Twitter offered to upgrade my Twitter account (@socpub) to a new design for its Web Interface. For the most part, I've been viewing the revamped interface via the Chrome browser through a Windows 10 PC. After intense use of the new interface this past weekend, I have to say so far so good. In fact, I have no real complaints about the changes Twitter has made...which is highly unusual for me when it comes to social media.

The new Twitter design began rolling out to select users almost two months ago. Since then, I suspect as time rolls on additional users are able to access the new interface. I'm speculating here because I can't find much actual information straight from Twitter about the new interface, the rollout schedule, nor all of the new features we can expect with this new design. About the only thing I found officially from Twitter was via a January 22nd tweet on the official Twitter account.

Given that I manage a number of Twitter accounts at one time, I usually prefer to interact with Twitter through TweetDeck. TweetDeck offers me a way to monitor and compose Twitter posts in a dashboard approach that is high customizable and more efficient than the normal Twitter interface. However, I'm finding Twitter's new web interface so much easier to navigate and simply a lot more fun to use than the legacy interface that I'm finding myself using TweetDeck less and less.

Perhaps my eyes are just getting older but I really appreciate that the default font size for the text in each post is larger than the previous interface. It's a nice touch and in part the larger "post area" is thanks to the new web interface featuring just two columns whereas the previous version contained a three-column design. Beyond the visual changes, I found myself clicking and scrolling less than I did in the legacy interface.

About the only thing missing on my wish list is the ability to edit a tweet you've already published. I know that's not on everyone's wish list, but for those of us that make the typos it would be nice to have another option beyond the process of deleting the tweet and starting over. Twitter, please make post editing an option!

If you're using this new Twitter web interface, I'm curious to know what your thoughts are especially in comparison to the legacy interface?


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