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A Thumbs Up for MeWe's Post Layout

I've been using MeWe for a few weeks now and while I haven't decided if I'm there to stay, there are a number of things I'm impressed with this "next-gen social network". Despite MeWe's cluttered user interface via a web browser, the actual layout of the post itself is well done.

In the image I've attached to this blog article you will find a post I submitted on MeWe. Look carefully at the MeWe post and note that I provided a link to a YouTube video, a link to a Twitter account, and finally a link to a website. Unlike a number of other social platforms I've used in the past (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc) where only a single image or a single video is presented in the status update, MeWe does its best to present more visuals to the links provided. In the example I've given, you'll see both video as well as an info block to the Twitter account I linked to. For me, this layout is quite pleasing to the eyes and presents a much better "finished product" than ever could in a Facebook post as well as on Twitter.

I wish other social networks presented the images/thumbnails in similar manner to what MeWe is doing in this example.


I Just Deleted My Google+ Profile

I just deleted my Google+ Profile. This is what I posted on my Google Plus account before I deleted the account.

I’m pulling a Google and shutting down my Google+ profile much sooner than expected…like this evening.

After a round a spammers hit my comments and seeing the “where do you go from here” conversations get personal…it’s just not healthy for me to stick around here any longer. Please come by and visit me on my blog and at Twitter. I’m also experimenting with MeWe, PlusPora, YouMe, and Minds. Wherever you decide to go after Google+…may you have a happy life!

Alternatives for following me:

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If you need additional background information, check out this post and this post.

Publishers benefit from Google News

Interesting misfire of EU's Article 11 (according to Google). Article 11 is a proposed EU Copyright directive that would prevent quite a bit of the caching of content and inclusion of content Google does with its News pages.

According to Google:

Then there's Article 11. We reiterate our commitment to supporting high-quality journalism. However, the recent debate shows that there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of the value of headlines and snippets—very short previews of what someone will find when he or she clicks a link. Reducing the length of the snippets to just a few individual words or short extracts will make it harder for consumers to discover news content and reduce overall traffic to news publishers.

Let me illustrate this with an example. Every year, we run thousands of experiments in Search. We recently ran one in the EU to understand the impact of the proposed Article 11 if we could show only URLs, very short fragments of headlines, and no preview images. All versions of the experiment resulted in substantial traffic loss to news publishers.

My Last Google+ Post

Today, I submitted my last Google+ post. From here on out, I won't be actively monitoring the platform given the expected demise of Google+. This is what I posted:

This is likely my last Google+ post but I don't plan to delete my Google+ account until February 28, 2019

Unless something significant happens, I don't plan to post again on Google+. It doesn't seem logical to invest my time and effort to post something we all know will be deleted in a couple months. I may leave a comment here or there on G+ but that's about it.

In the past hour, I've been convinced by others (including +Edward Morbius) to keep account active to preserve the posts that have been shared by others. I'll keep the account around until the end of the month. Why delete my account if Google is going to do it for me in April? I simply would rather have the final say for when my content gets deleted than give that power to Google. If you know a bully is going to deliver the final blow, you don't stick around to be hit by said bully.

I've shutdown the posts from my blogs to Google+ via If you really interested in my posts I encourage you to at least follow my personal blog at . I'm around via other social platforms and websites...but we all know how well that has worked for us in the past, don't we? Goodbye to all those that I met here on Google+. It was nice knowing you.

Me and my wife

Life is so much fun when you have someone to share it with. Close to this day, eighteen years ago I proposed to this woman. She said yes and we've been by each other's side ever since then.