Using Twitter's New Web Interface

A week ago Twitter offered to upgrade my Twitter account (@socpub) to a new design for its Web Interface. For the most part, I've been viewing the revamped interface via the Chrome browser through a Windows 10 PC. After intense use of the new interface this past weekend, I have to say so far so good. In fact, I have no real complaints about the changes Twitter has made...which is highly unusual for me when it comes to social media.

Ambulance Chasing: A Social Media Success Story

When it comes to posting online about my own personal misfortune, I have one simple rule. Don't talk about it until you can tell the story with a sense of humor. When it comes to a visible personal injury the first question you inevitably have to answer is, "What happened to you"? Three weeks ago, I was in a bicycle accident where I landed on my shoulder and broke my clavicle (collar bone). I'm better now but I'm still wearing an arm sling. My first attempt of bringing humor to the situation was on Twitter.

Coerced into Twitter

CMS Report and I now have a Twitter account.  This adventure into micro-blogging reflects my willingness to be easily coerced into doing things I normally wouldn't do after long months of winter cabin fever here in South Dakota.

Personally, I cannot see the real benefit of answering Twitter's question, "What are you doing?".  Does anyone really want to see me tweet, that "after I'm done blogging, I'm going to take a shower" on the Web?  Deane Barker once called Twitter "creepy" and I tend to agree with him.  Sadly, Deane Barker allowed himself to be coerced into his own Twitter account last Fall.