Judging CMSs and a Brief Update

Submitted by Bryan Ruby on Tue, 07/10/2007 - 12:26

Judging CMSs and a Brief Update

Packt Publishing recently asked me to be a judge for their Open Source Content Management System Award. You can find a brief bio and mug shot of me on their judges page.

For my non-IT friends, content management systems are basically software applications you place on the Internet server that are quickly replacing the old "flat file" format. For example, I use a CMS to blog about CMS as well as this site. Yea, my website needs some work done to it...perhaps when cold weather returns to South Dakota. Despite what you might think from the bio, I'm still with the National Weather Service and currently don't have the time or resources to make my "side business" in information technology anything more than a hobby. If IT positions were ever "downsized" in the NWS, though I know exactly what I would be doing for work.

Right now, I'm not working on any big projects...and for the summer that's great as this is a busy "travel" time for the family. With Karen having an option to retire from the military, she's looking into photography and we headed last week to Kansas City for a Nikon camera workshop. Meanwhile, Logan is growing like a weed and already seems on the road to being smarter and more athletic than his dad.

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