Saying goodbye to "Like that Idea"

Saying goodbye to "Like that Idea"

The Sioux Falls Zip Tower after the Implosion

Five years ago, my wife and I had a dream. Together, we wanted to start a blog called "Like that Idea" and so we registered the domain The idea for the WordPress blog was to have a site where we could identify and review neat ideas which we thought others would like to read about. The ideas came in the form of products, books, movies, services, and interesting article that we read ourselves. In the end though, we ran out of ideas to write about and the site never really took off.

By the time many of you read this post, Like that Idea will be never more. I'm currently working on wiping the site off the server. It's time to say goodbye to one of the few joint Internet projects that my wife and I worked on together. Instead, we'll use the time to work on our own personal projects as well as working jointly on the biggest project of our lifetime, our family.

Below the fold is a post I couldn't help but transfer from over to this site. Thinking back at this moment in time still puts a smile on my face.

Leaning Tower of Zip

We would like to begin one of our first entries with some local humor. Earlier this month, the Zip Feed Tower was scheduled to be demolished to make way for “new” real estate. At 202 feet, the Zip Feed Tower is believed to be the state’s tallest building (we don’t have much out here in South Dakota). On December 4th, explosives were used to bring down the 48 year old structure. A raffle was held to see who would be the one to trigger the blast (proceeds going to the Dakota Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society). The raffle and corporate sponsorship is expected to have raised nearly $140,000. Thousands of people, including national media, lined up to see the tower go down.

So what is so funny about blasting a feed tower? Well the tower as of this Friday afternoon is still standing. All the explosives did was to sink the tower in it’s basement and lean it over. Long time residents of Sioux Falls are still laughing and are alright with the national attention the whole event has received. We of course drove by the Zip Feed Tower to get a picture. Wrecking balls are expected to arrive any day now and finish what the explosives couldn’t finish. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the wrecking balls have some difficulty of their own!

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