My Last Google+ Post

My Last Google+ Post

Today, I submitted my last Google+ post. From here on out, I won't be actively monitoring the platform given the expected demise of Google+. This is what I posted:

This is likely my last Google+ post but I don't plan to delete my Google+ account until February 28, 2019

Unless something significant happens, I don't plan to post again on Google+. It doesn't seem logical to invest my time and effort to post something we all know will be deleted in a couple months. I may leave a comment here or there on G+ but that's about it.

In the past hour, I've been convinced by others (including +Edward Morbius) to keep account active to preserve the posts that have been shared by others. I'll keep the account around until the end of the month. Why delete my account if Google is going to do it for me in April? I simply would rather have the final say for when my content gets deleted than give that power to Google. If you know a bully is going to deliver the final blow, you don't stick around to be hit by said bully.

I've shutdown the posts from my blogs to Google+ via If you really interested in my posts I encourage you to at least follow my personal blog at . I'm around via other social platforms and websites...but we all know how well that has worked for us in the past, don't we? Goodbye to all those that I met here on Google+. It was nice knowing you.

And so this chapter of my participation on Google+ comes to a close. It's time to move on.

If not Google+, where can you follow me?

For those that wish to follow me via my websites. You can follow me here:

For those that prefer social media:

I also have a Facebook account but reserve my account for family and friends. If I don't know you, don't take it personally that I won't accept your friend request on Facebook. However, I am currently experimenting with these social media platforms as a replacement to Google+: