Submitted by Bryan Ruby on Mon, 02/08/2010 - 01:29


A couple years ago, Jeff Whatcott introduced to me the concept of a social publishing system. Within minutes after reading his article, I knew I wanted to expand further on his idea of social publishing and discuss the potential impact social publishing would have on content management systems. During this time period, Andrew McAfee was continuing to observe the emergence of Enterprise 2.0 into the normal day to day business world. From these two moments, I couldn't help myself from dreaming of the opportunities I had before me to learn more about social publishing and collaboration tools.

I have waited for almost two years for the right time to start a new website that focused on Enterprise 2.0 topics which were beyond the scope of Starting with the new year, I began to realize this is the right time to introduce a new site that focuses on social publishing and collaboration. Today, I want to introduce you to At the time, there isn't much to see but I promise you the future is bright for this domain.

The new SocPub site is expected to complement the content found at CMS Report. Personally, I'm personally excited to offer this new site as an alternative to my current sites. The biggest differentiation between and will be that we won't be talking much about software at SocPub. CMS Report prides itself in helping our readers implement information systems with the right software tools that they need for day to day content management. With SocPub, I plan to go in a completely opposite direction and focus on the bigger picture of what is involved to really understand social publishing and implementing the collaboration tools correctly for your organization. 

At this moment in time you are seeing the SocPub site in its infancy. I think the evolution of a website from cradle to full maturity is a fascinating process. If you love to see how a website can evolve over time, then you're not going to want to miss the first few months that SocPub is online. I won't say anymore, because we're going to have a few surprises coming your way in the weeks ahead of us.