Beware of Burning Bridges via Social Media

Beware of Burning Bridges via Social Media

Bridge with the setting sun

I wrote something similar to this on my Facebook page today.

I think I've only posted about half a dozen political posts these past two years. Admittedly, for reasons I care not to discuss here, I didn't invest a lot of emotion into this election cycle. What has disappointed me most about this election isn't the election results despite my opposition to Trump but the behavior of friends, peers, and acquaintances. I've seen friends, relatives, and in-laws burn bridges on long-term relationships for nothing more than the sake to showing their anger against another one's viewpoint via social media. I can survive four years of Trump, but witnessing the lack of respect people are showing one another is a much more difficult hurdle for me to go through emotionally and spiritually.

I wrote in comment on another friends post that I think a lot of the discussion of late is the results of both sides demonizing the other side and refusing to acknowledge the human side of the equation. Neither Trump or Clinton are evil people yet many have come to believe such is true about the opposing candidate. When you take this approach it ultimately backfires on you and as a whole on our nation. Anger can be a good tool for motivation, but when we display hatred toward others we really have gone too far.

I am encouraged with Obama's words and actions yesterday in acknowledgement that Trump will be our next President. Of all people, Obama had every right to dislike Trump yet he put his emotions aside out of respect for the Office of the Presidency and the will of the American people. On Wednesday I marveled at how Clinton did indeed take the high road and asked her supporters to give Trump the opportunity to lead as President. This is what makes America so special and I know we'll be just fine. So instead of worrying about Trump, I'm going to use the time to focus on family and friends while affirming who I am. It's a much happier endeavor than a life obsessed by politics and ideology.