Thirty Years in Sioux Falls

Thirty Years in Sioux Falls

The path I took from Garden City to Sioux Falls in blue in 1992.

Thirty years ago, I moved from Garden City, KS to Sioux Falls, SD for the National Weather Service. At the time of the move, I had only planned to be in Sioux Falls for a few years as in those days it was difficult (and maybe still is) to get promoted on site. Plus, if I'm being honest, I really didn't want to live in South Dakota longer than I had to as I always thought there would be day I would return to the Kansas City area. Three decades later, I've served four different positions at the same office (Meteorologist Intern, Forecaster, Lead Forecaster, and Information Technology Officer), found the love of my life, and raised a family. 

The population of Sioux Falls has doubled since my first arrival. The population was around 102,000 in 1992 and since then rose to 202,000 this past year. Plus the Sioux Falls area is no longer a lone city with bordering cities now now making up a truly metropolitan area of 300,000. This was no more apparent to me than yesterday when my son and his school's show choir were in competition at Sioux Falls' newest and fourth public high school, Jefferson High School. On the wall of the new gym stood stood a sign for the MetroAthletic conference representing high schools from three cities in the metro area. There was a time when Sioux Falls schools had to travel a distance for a game or competition but increasingly such friendly rivals can be found here in Sioux Falls.

Metro Athletics for the Sioux Falls Area

Looking back, I have no regrets staying in this great city of South Dakota where I have lived so long as it has become a home and a destination instead of a detour. There was a time when family and friends from Kansas City would ask when I was moving back to Kansas City. They no longer ask that question. On visits, sometimes when I'm feeling a need to twist that question around, I'll ask them...why not consider moving to Sioux Falls?