Putting "Me" First in 2019

Putting "Me" First in 2019

Following the footsteps of people bigger than me, like Mike Elgen and Dries Buytaert, I've decided to focus this year on my personal blog and spend less time on my other websites and social media networks. This has been a long time coming but probably the straw that broke the camel's back was Google's decision to shutdown my favorite social network, Google+

Out of all the social networks I've participated on, Google+ was the only social network where the people followed you to not only be heard themselves but also to actually listen to what you had to say. Maybe G+ being a "ghost town" is what helped make it so successful those those that actively used the social network. Without family and close friends there, I never had to worry about boring my family and closest friends about computers, software, science, and my obsessed journey to be more interesting tomorrow than I am today. Google+ will be missed  by me and I decided with G+'s absence it is time for me to return to blogging like it's 2001 all over again.

Of all the websites I maintain, probably the one site that will be hurting the most is socPub. But last Fall, I had already warned my readers that I would be slowing down my participation on the website and yesterday I confirmed that bryanruby.com will indeed become my primary site for publishing my content. When relevant, I will be republishing articles I write here onto my other websites and possibly a few social network but with a few exceptions most articles will be found on my blog first. My long-term goal is to find out which of my digital projects are of value to me and my readers and which are not.

So for the next several months, this is what my recently tweaked Editorial (Project) Calendar will be looking like:

Year Long Project

Monthly Projects

Updated monthly projects - January 15, 2019