Perfect November Saturday

Perfect November Saturday

Me at the Sioux Falls Waterfall - November 9, 2019

Like most of the country, winter-like temperatures came early to South Dakota. But this past Saturday southerly winds brought warmer temperatures briefly back to my neck of the woods. I of course took full advantage of the opportunity to ride my 2017 Cam-Am Spyder RT within and outside the city limits. All in all, I put close to 60 miles on my three-wheeler.

My Spyder in front of the grain elevators in Ellis, SD

The route began in the late morning as temperatures approached 50 with a picture opportunity at the grain elevators in Ellis. From Ellis, I was able to head west several miles and then I looped north through Hardford before heading east on Highway 38. I stopped briefly at the park near the Sioux Falls Waterfall, allowed some parents to take pictures with their kids on my Spyder (it happens more than you would think), and then headed east toward Brandon before heading back west through the city. Alone, this would have been a great ride in the Summer but taking a similar ride in November on a rare warm day is simply magnificent.

Sunset on Interstate 29 between Sioux Falls and Vermillion

Even with the ride complete and evening approaching, my day wasn't over. My wife and I headed south in the truck on Interstate 29 from Sioux Falls to Vermilion and saw the day end with a beautiful sunset. Into the late evening we celebrated with a dozen people the 55th birthday of a friend of ours.

With a full day of taking nothing for granted, I ask you what more can you ask for from a November Saturday in South Dakota? I sure felt I didn't need to ask for anything more than what I was fortunate to already experience on this perfect day.