My first blog post in the modern Internet era

My first blog post in the modern Internet era

Why am I doing this?

This past year Web logs (Blogs) have become real popular. It's interesting. Privacy is so important to everyone, yet so many are willing to write down their thoughts for public viewing. I've been curious if I would have anything important to say in a blog, so figured what the heck I'll give it a try.

Actually, Blogs are not really anything new. In the 80s before the Internet was available to the public we had Bulletin Board Systems (basically a stand alone Web Site that rarely was networked outside of people dialing with their modems (my first modem was 300 baud!). During that time I was just getting into college and actually had my own "column" on LaDawna Howard's BBS in Kansas City. My column was titled, "What Next" with comments from me on the news of the day. I don't actually remember what I wrote about but I do know that I thought I knew a lot about what I was writing about back then. Today, I realize I know a lot less now then I did when I was 18. They say with age comes wisdom. I wonder if that's true or just a kinder way of saying you're getting old and slow...

Time will tell what direction I'll take this Blog. I likely won't reveal too much personal and may find that I would rather have this Blog reflect my hobbies instead of my personal thoughts. At this time in my life, I really don't feel a need to change anybody's opinions on politics or religion. That my son grows up, I hope he learns to respect the opinions of his father and mother, yet matures to have his own opinions and beliefs. As he grows and shares the same viewpoints as his Mom and Dad, I'll know that he has learned something from us. For those beliefs and opinions that he develops differently from his Mom and Dad, we then will have a chance to learn from him.