IT and Personal Goals for 2007

Submitted by Bryan Ruby on Fri, 01/05/2007 - 06:13

IT and Personal Goals for 2007

For the most part, I usually say "no" to making New Year resolutions and IT predictions. I never really get things 100% completed to say I've resolved those things that I previously promised. I have yet to ever fully predict what is just around the corner for IT (actually it almost usually turns out better than even my most optimistic predictions). However, no matter the time of year, I always have goals that I strive to meet.

The following are some of my open source IT goals for 2007:

  • Return of the Geek. Outside my "day job", the past year has been filled with freelance projects designing and hosting sites for various clients. As I wrote a few months ago, the whole experience of working outside of work for cash has led a bad taste to my mouth. When you really don't need the money, why do it? For 2007, I rather spend my time contributing to open source projects such as Drupal. I've been a wall flower for too long and I think the core developers would like to see wall flowers not be wall flowers.
  • For sites that I own, I need to do a better job of installing the betas and release candidates. For example, when I started CMS Report it was with Drupal 4.7 Beta 1. I'm sad to report that this site is still using Drupal 4.7. It's very hard to contribute to open source if you're not willing to go on the edge with some of your production sites.

Other IT goals for 2007:

  • Speaking of CMS Report, not only do I need to upgrade to the latest versions of Drupal, I also need to do a redesign. The four column theme is nice for the front page, but it doesn't give me much wiggle room for displaying larger images and tables. I likely will migrate to a three column theme for most of the site and use something like Earl Miles' Panels module for those pages I need content divided in more areas.
  • Return to academia. Since obtaining my Master's Degree I've done little reading in the way of information systems and content management systems. It's time to purchase some new books.
  • I want to design a site with one new CMS outside of Drupal. I'm currently thinking Joomla! or Radiant CMS. Of course Radiant will mean that I also need to learn Ruby. Just the fact that the language shares my last name is incentive enough.

Personal Goals for 2007:

  • I need to strive better with balancing my side projects (whether for money or for open source) with family life. No further explanation needed.
  • For once in my life I will have a clean desk and work area around my computer!
  • Get healthy. I'm gong for surgery later this month for something the neurosurgeon calls a microdisectomy at the C6 and C7 sections of the spine. Over the past year, I haven't had a left arm without pain and muscle weakness. It's a funny thing, I can snow ski without too much pain (a lot of the movements are similar to what I've done in physical therapy) but a nice bicycle ride or time at the computer can be excruciating. Perhaps, someone like Sarah Pullman and her Yoga for Geeks should have came around much sooner than it did.

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