A final goodbye to CMS Report

A final goodbye to CMS Report

CMS Report Lite

Effective immediately, CMS Report has been shutdown with socPub designated as the website's full replacement.

Two months ago, I introduced CMS Report "Lite" as a slimmed-down version of the original website. Since our rebranding from CMS Report to socPub earlier this year, a number of content management professionals expressed the need to cite reputable CMSReport.com for their information and were uncomfortable with referencing an "unknown" website like socPub. With limited success since bringing this nostalgic website back online, I decided this it was time to: let the past go; redirect all remaining traffic from CMSReport.com to SocPub.com; and to shutdown the website for good.

While I had hopes that mirroring the content would be a win-win for both website...the analytics showed otherwise. I was prepared to see a decrease of visitors at one website in favor of another but in reality most of my intended audience targeting North America, Europe, and Australia continued to view content their content at socPub. CMS Report on the other hand attracted less than 12% of my targeted audience with instead 85% of the audience coming from India in the form of bots trying to look for weaknesses in my content management system. 

Google Analytics Showing Location of CMS Report Site Visitors

I want to be clear, India's citizens are always welcomed at my websites. I have a deep respect for content management and information technology professionals from India and some of our best article contributors have come from India. Unfortunately, it was not IT professionals from India that CMS Report was attracting but hackers and bots. Over 98% of the "users" that accessed CMS Report's login screen originated from India. While none of the login attempts breached the website's security...it's a little unsettling that CMSReport.com was being accessed not for it's content but as a target for hackers.

With most of our previous CMS Report legitimate audience now visiting socPub, I see no reason to continue to support two websites with similar content. Once again, goodbye CMS Report and hello socPub.