Bicycling when it was warmer

Bicycling when it was warmer

Sioux Falls Waterfall in April 2019

Yesterday, we just didn't get rain but also had some snow in the mix. It's days (weeks) like this that have me miss the warm days my son and I get to ride our bicycles on the city bike trails. In April we did just that and completed a 25 mile bike path with a nice stop at the Sioux Falls Waterfall.

Me and my son on the bike trials

I've taken my son on these bike rides since he was eight years old. We started out with 12 mile rides but he can now easily do 25 to 30 miles with me. He's now getting to the point that my sport is his sport and he'll hit the long bike trails even without me.

As a teen, Logan is now taller, stronger, and just as fast as me on a bike. I have a feeling by summer's end of this year...I'll be following him on the bike path. That's alright though because as Logan's father my whole goal is to lead him to lead whether that be on the bike trail or in life.