Awesome Town: Chancellor, South Dakota

Awesome Town: Chancellor, South Dakota

The fire bell sitting in front of the Chancellor Fire Station

A couple weeks ago I rode my Can-Am Spyder southward from Sioux Falls to Lennox, headed west to Parker then looped north back to home. On my trip, I stopped by Chancellor, SD for a photo opportunity. My Spyder hit 3000 miles while on this trip and I wanted to record the occasion.

My 2017 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited with 3000 miles.

The town of Chancellor is your typical South Dakota very small town with a population of less than 300 and probably with no more than 120 houses and buildings. It's one of those places that that at the same time you're stepping into town you're also quickly stepping out of town. In Chancellor's case, this is a town that was founded in the 19th century with German roots, named after a German chancellor, and against all odds still remains a home for those that embrace small town living.

My Spyder parked in front of the Chancellor Fire Station

You search the Internet and you don't find too many stories about the town of Chancellor. But I'm sure somebody in this town can spend days telling you the town history. Like how they've supported the town park over the years, built the fire station, and supported small downtown life including the local bar. They might be able to tell you the good and the bad biorefining has been for the town's economy as they've come to embrace the 21st century. They could also tell you the time they sent the Jundt siblings to play in the same musical 'Singin' in the Rain Jr.' at the Washington Pavilion.

To be honest, if my odometer hadn't reached 3000 miles while drivingĀ  through Chancellor, SD I likely wouldn't have stopped there. But you know it did and now I know a little something more about this town and so do you.