My Online Presence Includes Alternatives to Twitter Update

My Online Presence Includes Alternatives to Twitter Update

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I have no idea what the future holds for Twitter. I do know however that the recent changes at Twitter by Elon Musk continues to bleed cash, staff, and community. A lot of people are currently seeking social media networks that aren't Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I've been there myself. In the past, I've always reached the same conclusion that I have too many friends, family, and acquaintances I value still remain on the Big 3 as I don't want to leave them behind. Until now. Increasingly, I'm starting to soften my stance from I'm not leaving Twitter to starting to tweet out loud that I may be leaving Twitter.

If you have decided to leave Twitter, contemplating on leaving Twitter, or just curious about other social networks...I hope you seek me out on any of the social platforms and websites I frequent. Probably the most Twitter-like alternative platform I'm on is Mastodon. The most Facebook-like alternative platform I currently utilize is MeWe.

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