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Family Vacation and more Web Development

Our family recently went on a mini-vacation a couple weeks ago.  We spent a few days at Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side).  The weather was initially warm so we were able to dine outside and walk the tourist areas.  This is my fourth time in Canada and I'm always amazed just how much more "relaxed" everyone seems.  On the third day it rained and we were pretty soaked during our visit to Marine land.  Karen likes to see the Dolphins and more importantly, Logan does too.  We had a blast despite being wet. 
The second leg of the trip was spent in upstate New York, around Seneca Falls in the Finger Lakes region.  We went there so Karen could visit with a Navy buddy from here Marine days and here family was gracious to let us stay at their house for a few days.  That area is wine country so we were able to sample some of the wineries finest.  I'll write more about our trip once I have the pictures posted.
For those who visit the site often, I'm still making a lot of changes to the Website.  I can't settle on the new look and finding that I'm having to learn a lot more about XHTML and CSS in order to modify the Drupal themes that are available.  I likely won't write my own theme until Drupal 4.7 is out.   I'm also trying a new photo album for my site.

New Look

Last week we moved to a new hosting company. You likely noticed the new look. For the most part, consider the site still under construction. After taking a look at several Content Mangement Systems (CMS), I've settled on Drupal. Once I install a few more modules and tweak the code a bit I think I'll be happy with the results. At least happy enough to go to bed at a decent hour.

Birds heading south?

My son and I took a walk last Friday evening. To our surprise...flocks of birds were heading south for the Winter. is only the end of August and we are already seeing signs that Summer is over. Hopefully, we have a few more weeks before we have our first cold snap. I suspect sometime in September will be the first real signs that Autumn is here. You know...jackets, no shorts, take a blanket along for my son just in case, etc...

Getting Started with Ruby

I doubt few people outside of Geek Land know this, but there is a programming language called Ruby. According to a Linux Journal article, the language is about to be really hyped up along the same lines as we have seen with Python and PHP. From
Ruby Central:

Most of all, Ruby puts the fun back into programming. When was the last time you had fun writing a program---a program that worked the first time; a program that you could read next week, next month, or next year and still understand exactly what it does? We find Ruby to be a breath of fresh air in the dense, often hectic world of programming. In fact, we see nothing but smiles after we present Ruby to programmers.

For obvious reasons, I may have to give this language a try. As long as this language doesn't go the way of Pascal and many other languages that have lost their appeal (Tcl, Perl, etc) as a good language for programmers to use...

Is It Enough?

I have not written too much about technology or IT related issues. In part, this is due to spending most of my work day dealing with IT problems. Shoud not that be enough?

However, increasingly I am finding the need to be more creative outside work in applying what I know. At work I have been working quite a bit with the Mozilla products, Thunderbird and Firefox. Thunderbird is an e-mail client and Firefox is a browser. I was the team leader for deploying the Thunderbird e-mail client in my organization's region. This was not too much of a stretch since our previous official client was the Netscape 4.7 suite. For those that don't know, Firefox and Thunderbirds roots are with Netscape.

So for those reading this blog that have not tried Firefox and Thunderbird, I urge you to give them a try. You can download the software (for free) from the Mozilla Web Site. Once you have taken a look at them, come back later and maybe we will discuss their advantages and disadvantages over Internet Explorer and Outlook.

By the way...feel free to place comments in this blog. No registration or e-mail addreess required.