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Logan and Spaghetti

Here is a nice picture of our son while eating his spaghetti dinner.  It's hard to believe that this boy once won a "cutest baby" contest, isn't it?   In Logan's defense, this was taken on Friday evening just after our "movie night".  Obviously, he had his eyes more on the TV and less at his plate.  In fact he was so much into the movie (Monsters Inc) that he didn't realize he ate four dishes of spaghetti.

Fridays have become the one time we allow our family to eat dinner in front of the TV and not at the kitchen table.  The change from routine allows some funtime for the end of the work week.  Mom and Dad don't mind at all...

Thanksgiving 2005

I finally had a chance to pull Thanksgiving photographs from the digital camera. I'll eventually get the pictures online and sent in email when time allows. My family, my sister's family, and my Uncle Ron were in Kansas City for Thanksgiving dinner at my folks. You never know how small a house is until you put 9 people together to share three bedrooms and 1 shower. With Logan and Preston sharing the same room, I'm not sure how much sleep any of us got. However, Preston and Logan seemed to enjoy each other's company and we all enjoyed seeing them together. I have no doubt when the two cousins get together in the coming years that there will be more games and adventure for them to discover.

Weather Forecast Accuracy

I came across an interesting site that monitors the accuracy of forecasts from weather providers.  The site is called  The site compares the accuracy of weather forecasts from such groups as the National Weather Service, The Weather Channel, Accuweather, etc.

It's interesting, to see that for Sioux Falls the National Weather Service is considered more accurate than the other providers.  Yet for Kansas City, the NWS is nearly at the bottom.  I wonder what the reason for this is?  Is it the fact that the NWS forecast for Sioux Falls and Kansas City area are provided by two different NWS forecast offices?  If that's the case, maybe NWS Kansas City has a thing or two to learn from Sioux Falls.  Some might argue that the weather is more difficult to forecast in Kansas and Missouri.  Yet, even the NWS Topeka office (less than 60 miles from KC) is looking much better than NWS Kansas City. Hmmm....

My first online business

Over the past several years, I have had a number of people ask me for advice on how to get their own Web site online.  I've been very cautious in the advice I've given.  I simply didn't have the resources available to really get them where they needed to go and stay there.  You would think with more than 20 years of computer experience, helping the government manage their Web pages the past  ten years, and having my own Website would be enough to start my own Internet business.  However, someone who wants to put their business online needs much more than just a single computer geek can provide.  They need 24-hour user support, they need various options in Internet services as their business grows, and most importantly they need to have online security.  None of these customer needs could really be provided by me  to prospective customers, so I've waited.  I've waited for the right moment and the moment is now.