2021 Begins with an Interview

2021 Begins with an Interview

Snapshot of page from Dakota News Now

So my 15 minutes of fame for 2021 has already happened. I was interviewed by Dakota News Now at the end of 2020 which aired on KSFY and KDLT the first day of this year.

My son asked me why the local news was doing the interview. The short answer, I'm getting old.

The photojournalist, Dave Hauck, wanted to interview someone that has been serving from the local National Weather Service office for a very long time. I so happen to be currently the second longest employee working at Sioux Falls having transferred from the Garden City, KS office in 1992. This is the first video interview I've ever done for work from my own home due to COVID now limiting the number of people that can be in our office at one time. Since last March, I've been doing 90% of my work remotely from home.

Despite spending the second half of my career as the office's Information Technology Officer, the public always seems more fascinated with the meteorology portion of my career. While I felt honored to be interviewed, I really think the public's focus should be on our younger staff members. I really think they're going to become the real story in the years to come and personally I'm looking forward to all they're about to accomplish.

As far as I know, Dakota News Now doesn't offer the ability to embed their videos into my pages so you'll need to visit their website to watch the video.